Alex Steffano

Professional Bio

Alex Steffano graduated from the University of Central Florida with a business degree and first became a private banker with a concentration in estate planning.  In his free time he became a scratch golfer who cultivated a wide variety of business and social relationships; including working with professional golfers such as Jim Thorpe, Chris Dimarco, and Danny Ellis. This not only allowed him to gain some great professional networking experience but it also opened many doors that helped Alex successfully springboard into Real Estate; an industry where he has been successfully operating with intelligence and integrity since 2003.

Real Estate Experience

Real estate felt like a natural fit for Alex, not just because of his competitive nature and social connections, but also because he was and IS a true Floridian, with extensive knowledge of the Central Florida area. In 2003, he began his real estate career as a Buyer’s Agent working mainly with overseas clients who were interested in purchasing investment properties and vacation homes. He aided many real estate developers in selling their properties, and this quickly evolved into working directly with developers to acquire raw land for future projects. He became a broker who negotiated nearly every aspect of the raw land developmental process, taking them all the way from pre-sales and acquisition to construction and closing.

Alex has the distinction of assembling the largest piece of developable property in the Downtown Orlando area (24 parcels and 19 sellers).

In 2005, he opened his own retail real estate brokerage with handpicked agents for the field that had quality experience and skill in the industry. He has been the exclusive buyer’s agent for doctors and dentist groups, on both the residential and commercial side of business. This includes working directly with corporate hospital recruiters to find affordable housing for prospective candidates and familiarizing them with the area, as well as scouting out and negotiating retail commercial space for small businesses. He has also done this for staffing firms, IT companies, HR departments for local businesses, and professional athletes. Basically, what we mean is this:

 Alex is very familiar with the distinct needs of specific interest groups and people, including families of every type, size, and financial status.

As the father of a 6-year old daughter, Alex is very aware of how important school zones, local entertainment, and neighborhood safety are to families. Regardless of who you are, where you come from, or what you believe, Alex and his team understand that the needs of your family come first, and your real estate goals should be framed with this in mind at all times.

Excellence in Overcoming Obstacles

Every real estate scenario is different. Alex Steffano and his team of agents have overcome obstacles that other firms were unable to. Nothing is impossible. Even if you’ve been turned away by other agencies in the past, give us a chance to help you work through your problem.

Alex has seen and managed deals on all ends of the spectrum –from $14,000 to $25 Million. No deal is too large or too small for us to handle.

Mr. Steffano and the agents he chooses to work with are capable of brokering deals that other agents lack the professional expertise to accomplish. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in country clubs or down town, the suburbs or rural setting homes, we have the expertise and commitment necessary to help you with all varieties of home and commercial choices, and to deal with all manner of financial hurdles or real estate obstacles.

Personal Bio

Alex is a native of Central Florida, having spent the majority of his life living in the Orlando area. His only long-term experience living outside of the state was for the few years he spent playing football as a middle linebacker for WVU. When a knee injury brought his athletic career to a close, Alex found that his naturally competitive spirit made for an easy transition into the complex and sometimes rough world of finance and real estate.

Alex is the father of a 6 year-old daughter and an avid supporter of many charitable organizations. He has been a proud donor, tournament sponsor, and participant in special events for the American Cancer Society, the Special Olympics, and the David Maus Foundation, which is an organization dedicated to helping other institutions provide care and assistance to children with life threatening illnesses. This group has provided funding to the Ronald McDonald House, the Make a Wish Foundation, and many other Central Florida children’s charities.

When it comes to hobbies, few things compare to the sport of golfing for Alex, and he has a penchant for helping other golf enthusiasts find the location that best suits their needs. Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive public course or the exclusivity of a private country club, Alex knows where to go. He can help you find a home that’s zoned for a great public school in one area and direct you towards a course that has the amenities you want in another (you are not limited to any specific course just because of where you live, after all). He has played all of the golf courses in the Central Florida area, so if you ever a question about a particular location, just ask! In fact, he dares you to find a course he is not familiar with!