Shahram Sondi

Shahram Sondi, an Inc 500 CEO has a rare combination of experience in both mortgage and real estate,

awarding him the unique position of guiding you through your home purchase from start to finish. After personally overseeing over half a billion dollars in mortgage loan transactions, Shahram has the experience, passion, knowledge and integrity to help you through any obstacle in your path to home ownership. Shahram has been serving the Central Florida community since 2001, helping the people of Central Florida realize their own dream of home ownership.


My Clients

Shahram was the best real estate broker we could ask for. He spent many Sundays with us driving around looking at house after house after house until finally the right one came along. He gave up many weekends to help us find our house. Sharam also connected us with tons of listings of different houses within our price range and area of interest. We highly recommend Shahram and the amazing work that he did for us. His open honest opinions kept us smiling and optimistic throughout our search. Shahram’s knowledge in the area came in very helpful as he helped us negotiate a great price. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable real estate broker, we highly recommend Shahram.


Shahram Sondi helped me and my family find the perfect home! I recommend him to everyone in the market searching for an honest, professional, and knowledgable real estate broker.