Help Buying a Home for Families

If you need help buying a home for your family, we can help. Families come in many, many types and sizes. From childless couples to those with parents, children, and extended family in tow. Regardless of your family situation, isn’t it time you and your family had a home to call your own? Aren’t you tired of paying rent month after month with no home equity to show for it? We can offer support and guidance when it comes to finding an affordable home that’s just right for your family and your budget.

Does Your Family Need Help Buying a Home?


Help for Childless Couples

just the two of usWhether you think children might be in the future for you or not, you and your significant other still deserve a nice starter or new primary home where you can experience the joys of building a life together. A good agent can help you find an appropriately sized home that offers the amenities you need. Sound like a big commitment? Consider that a home gives you the opportunity to build equity you can both tap into later, including should you decide to move after just a number of years.

Help for Families with Kids

Perhaps you’re relocating to Florida for a job, or maybe you’ve lived here your entire life but finally feel you’re in a position to break the rent cycle and give your children a stable home. In either case, we can help you find the property that’s affordable, located in a safe neighborhood, and close to good schools and kid-positive amenities (like parks and other family-oriented entertainment). We recognize that with children in tow, building up a deposit may be more difficult, but we’re adept at working with families of all sizes and in all kinds of situations.


helping family members find a home

Help Buying a Home for Aging Relatives

Mom and dad need help sometimes too. Informal studies show that many people are helping out their aging relatives and family members by assisting them in the search and purchase of a new home to live out their retirement in. For some people, this is a small single-family unit close to their own home where they can provide assistance if necessary. For others, it’s a nice condo or town home where all of the repairs and upkeep will be maintained by the housing association. It may even be something in between. Regardless of the case, we can help retirees and seniors find the right area in which to enjoy their twilight years in peace.


Help Buying a Home for Older Children

Well, they’ve finally gone off to college and left you to enjoy some peace and quiet. That is, until they get back from school and you find them sleeping-in on your couch as if they just graduated high school yesterday! Well, while we’d never advocate supporting your child well into their own adulthood, we know that sometimes between rent, utilities, and the lesser pay that comes of just starting out in the world, your (grown) child may well be ready to own his or her own home and start a family, but lack the initial deposit or established credit typically required to purchase a home. If that’s the case, we can help. Fixer-uppers are a great place for a young person or couple to start off in, as they can usually be purchased for far less than a new or manufactured home. We can also help you arrange for a mortgage loan that comes with no down payment options and other incentives for young people.
Don’t see the family situation here that describes what you need in a home? Call us today to find out more. We’d love to offer you more detailed information and help buying a home for your family that’s targeted towards your specific needs. Just tell us what it is you’re looking for and think you can afford (we can help you figure this out if you don’t already know) and we’ll help you determine what kind of area would suit your family best.