Help for First Time Home Buyers

help for first time home buyersMany people claim they offer help for first time home buyers. But we know that everyone’s needs for a first home are different. Often, real estate agents make the mistake of assuming that majority of individuals looking for a first home are young couples (i.e. the newlyweds). While looking for a home to start a family in is great, and we love to help new couples too, we also know that this isn’t necessarily the case for all new homebuyers. You may be an individual on your own who’s simply tired of renting, or who wants to leverage your new living space as an investment property in the future. You may be an older, successful individual or couple looking to purchase your first condo. Perhaps you’re recently divorced and need to downsize, but have never gone through the home buying process on your own before. It could even be that you and your family have wanted a real ‘home’ for some time, but you could previously not afford it. The point is, everyone’s needs are different.

Well, if you’re looking to buy a home in Florida, we offer real help for first time home buyers that is specific to your needs and circumstances. From sorting through listings, to negotiating the best offer, to finding the right mortgage loan for your situation (we have over 20 years of experience in the mortgage broker industry as well), we offer expert advice and professional assistance at reasonable rates. Of course, you don’t have to speak with us at all. We offer plenty of help for first time home buyers on this site and it’s free for you to read at your leisure. See below for some of the pages we recommend you look at first.

Help for First Time Home Buyers

If you’re looking for some good starter info on how to begin searching for your first home, we have a step-by-step First Time Home Buyer Guide that can lead you through the process. It outlines 8 simple steps that detail what a new home buyer needs to know in order to make a good decision when purchasing a home.
You can also check out our Home Buying Advice page, which is a growing resource of articles that cover various issues, obstacles, and terms a homebuyer may encounter.

You can also see our and Resources section for further explanations on some of the things you will need to know before buying your first home (including how to use a mortgage calculator).

Finally –should you be the more adventurous type- you can dive right in by searching our mls listings and community pages.
We try to give real, helpful data and details about the communities in and around the Central Florida area, so that you can know what you’re getting into or dealing with in each neighborhood before you ever visit the area (especially helpful for out-of-state homebuyers looking to relocate).
When it comes to help for first time home buyers, the amount of information out there can feel overwhelming at times, and it certainly isn’t always targeted towards you. We understand that every individual has unique and specialized needs.

The information we offer here is totally free. So take advantage of our helpful tips and advice without ever feeling obligated to call. Of course, if you do have questions or are interested in knowing more about how we can help you find your first home, give us a call! We’d be more than happy to discuss your first home purchasing and mortgage options with you.