Avalon Park

Avalon Park was built to mimic small American towns in a natural setting, enabling it to offer the quiet charm of a remote villa, while still providing the conveniences and amenities you expect from a modern housing community. Everything, from the architectural styles of the buildings to the landscaping and urban planning, is designed to evoke a sense of the past. It’s a place where people know their neighbors and everyone is a member of a tight-knit community that works and plays together.


avalon_park_signAvalon Park is a quiet, rustic community surrounded by nature in the southeast of Orange County. It was designed around the concepts of New Urbanism, which focus on traditional neighborhood and community planning with a diverse population, smart and accessible land use, and open well-defined public spaces. This means that the community was designed with a variety of housing types, civic buildings, and commercial spaces, with the intention that every neighborhood is within walking distance of the town center. As part of their commitment to smart, green environmental development, Avalon Park boasts 640 acres of wetland and upland preserve (combined) with another 250 acres of lakes.


avalon_park_lakesRegardless of where you are in Avalon Park, the roads, bike paths, and walking trails will connect you to the activities and recreational centers you need. Perhaps you’d like to take the kids swimming, join a new club, play on a baseball or basketball team, or even just spend the afternoon reading a good book in the park. Avalon Park is ideal for those seeking rewarding outdoor and cultural activities. Festivals and special events are held in the community throughout the year, including a monthly movie night in the park featuring family-themed films and free popcorn.

Family Life

The schools in Avalon Park are all rated ‘A’ by the State of Florida. There is also a nationally based tutoring center in town if your child is struggling with any subject, and a variety of childcare options are available for working families, including private daycare and early education programs.
Avalon Park is devoted to bringing diverse people and families together into one cohesive community. Housing styles and price ranges vary, with everything from single-family dwellings and apartments to live/work units for the burgeoning entrepreneur. If Avalon Park sounds like the right community for you, contact us to discuss your needs

Beautiful Homes in and Around Avalon Park

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