Maitland is one of the oldest suburban areas in Central Florida. It was named after Fort Maitland, which was built in the area in 1838. If you have a general appreciation for history, you’ll love Maitland’s “historic corridor”; a collection of old homes still standing from the town’s early settlement that extends throughout the city. The town continues to grow as more and more people come to recognize it as a charming and comfortable area to reside in, but the residents continue to prize the city’s past and actively work to preserve the older homes and residences.


maitland_art_centerMaitland is a small town that boasts a wide variety of organizations, clubs, and special events. Love the cinema? The Enzian Theater is Central Florida’s only independent movie theater that is open year round. It’s home to the annual Florida Film Festival, said to be one of the best regional film festivals in the country. In 2013 there were over 170 showcased films, 100 filmmakers, and a host of special celebrity guests. Think your child has what it takes to become a famous filmmaker one day? Enroll them in the KidFest Young Filmmakers’ Summer Camp where they can spend 2 full weeks learning the exciting craft of filmmaking. For a more ‘dated’ cultural experience, you can also visit any of the 5 Art and History Museums Maitland has to offer. Develop yourself as a professional artist by taking classes at the Maitland Art Center. When it comes to self-expression and leisure pursuits, Maitland is a wellspring of creative energy and opportunity.

Family Life

maitland_kids_liberal_artsWith so much cultural development, Maitland is a great place to raise children, particularly if you are interested in exposing your child to the liberal arts. There are many highly rated public and private schools available, and an enviable selection of summer programs. Maitland has also been ranked by City Data as safer than all but one of its neighboring cities.
Maitland is generally perceived as a more affluent community in the Greater Orlando area. However, there are still a number of beautiful homes that are in need of a loving ‘fixer-upper’s’ touch that are in a more affordable price range. Please see our listings to view the available properties in Maitland.

Maitland Homes for Sale

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