Houses For Rent In Orlando

If you aren’t sure if you want to move to Florida, you may be interested in renting a home. Your term is negotiable, with some homes having a lease of 7 months to a year and other vacation homes being available for as short a time as a few days.  Of course, vacation homes are usually more expensive than traditional homes for rent, so consider them only if you’re legitimately vacationing or know you’ll only be checking out the area for a few days. Traditional rental homes and condominiums are available throughout Central Florida, from Lake Nona and Oak Ridge to College Park.

Orlando is a huge tourist town, with over 50 million visitors coming to Orlando every year. It’s also the number one vacation spot in the country for families! However, the wealth of rental vacation homes in Central Florida can sometimes make it harder for you to find a home to buy that’s in exactly the area you want. If you’re relocating to the Orlando area (or even just thinking about moving to FL) finding a home you want to purchase can seem daunting. This is especially true if you feel pressured by needing to find the right home before a specific deadline. Renting a home, while it doesn’t provide equity for the future, can be a solution for a year or more while you look for the perfect place to own.

The home you choose to purchase is going to have a significant financial impact on you and your family for many years to come. It’s far better to find the right home later than to find an ‘O.K.’ or ‘alright’ home now.

If you area first time home buyer, renting a house in Orlando can be a good way to ease yourself into home ownership. There are plenty of associated costs and living adjustments that must be made when you own your own place as opposed to rent one. If the water heater gives out during the winter, there’s no maintenance department that is obligated to fix it for you. Should your toilet get backed up, you’ll have to contact your own plumber. If your air conditioner gives out in Summertime (and no one in Florida wants that!) you’ll have to foot the bill yourself. When you rent a home, you still have the option of calling your landlord to take care of these kinds of problems, but your experience in dealing with them will be greatly improved. Just how often are such repairs necessary? How much do additional costs like this run in general?

The price you pay for renting a home is generally higher than what you would expect to pay for a mortgage. However, keep in mind that there are taxes, homeowner’s insurance, and the aforementioned additional costs of owning your own home. While renting, you can take the time every month to calculate the difference between your rental payment and a mortgage plus these additional costs. Even if you only rent for a few months while searching for the perfect home, you’ll have a much better understanding of what you can afford to pay on a home while still maintaining a certain quality of living. The transition between renting a home and owning your own property will be that much easier for you.

There are plenty of houses to rent in Orlando, and it may not be easy for you to decide where you want to rent at first. Just keep in mind that a rental home is a temporary situation. You can always move if you find it isn’t exactly to your liking. First, we recommend you check out our community pages to see what neighborhoods interest you most. There are homes for rent all over Central Florida and in most of Orlando’s most popular areas.


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