Neighborhood Crime Rates

Neighborhood crime rates are important to everyone looking to relocate, especially those with small children or vulnerable family members. Unfortunately, crime statistics can sometimes be hard to decipher or difficult to translate into real world information. Some areas are more dangerous than others and some parts of Orlando are either safer or much more unsafe than the crime rates show for Florida as a whole. We recommend you ask your agent or post in online forums to get a subjective opinion regarding the safety of the area before you make any hardline conclusions about a specific community.

Neighborhood Crime Rates Map

~We’re currently working on integrating our own mapping and statistic system.
We’d like to offer you the research tools we know you need, including neighborhood crime rates, before relocating. However, until we get this fully implemented, you should know that crime within metro Orlando has been on a downward trend, with the majority of crimes being property related. Crime rates within specific communities around Central Florida and outside of Metro Orlando (outside of the downtown area) are generally significantly lower. You can check out for information regarding specific areas (though community information can be somewhat harder to find).
It’s important to note that while it isn’t necessarily difficult to do research on certain areas, it can be a trial when looking at specific neighborhood crime rates. In areas where there is very little crime, the community may not be listed on the most popular data maps. The data itself can also be a bit overwhelming and it’s sometimes hard to know what it equates to in real world scenarios. Some sites will provide details of the incident, others do not. When looking at sites that do not detail the incident, keep in mind that property damage can be anything from B&E theft to a broken mailbox, and a violent crime between a cohabiting couple, regardless of severity, can happen anywhere in the world. Looking at a map of such statistics, you may believe you are one block away from having your tv stolen or being attacked in the street! It may in fact be that you are one block away from a student driver and a husband and wife in the middle of a nasty divorce.

Do your research, and keep perspective. In the end, a professional who is well-acquainted with the area and residents of the community itself are your best bets for real-world advice.